“Azure Pipelines” Workshop

What is the benefit of Azure Pipelines and why should software developers and product managers care about this?1️⃣ Azure Pipelines is a part of Azure DevOps process developed by Microsoft, which supports software developers with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).2️⃣ With CI, developers can automate their build, test, and publish the test coverage with […]

“Generating Art with .NET & Stable Diffusion” Workshop

“Sharing and learning together for continuous development“On July 27th, Agilino organized a vibrant workshop with the topic “Generating Art with .NET & Stable Diffusion” using two programming languages, C# and Python. The workshop lasted for 2 hours:1️⃣ In the first 30 minutes, our programmers shared fundamental knowledge on the topic.2️⃣ The following 45 minutes were […]

Angular & SpringBoot Workshop

Sharing our experience with the community is great! In Can Tho, we are creating an environment for IT enthusiasts, students, graduates and experienced programmers to meet, learn and share knowledge together in the field of information technology, especially the final year students who are entering the programming career. On June 22, 2023, we were delighted […]

Spring Boot Kafka Workshop

Learning about scientific thinking and writing along with the theoretical foundations are probably the biggest advantages of studying at the university or college. Nowadays, bachelor programs get reduced to meet industry needs. Still, it can be an advantage to have a practical workshop in addition to the theory. On 26 December 2022, Agilino appreciated to […]

Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding on Hau River

Our team-building activity with the extremely interesting outdoor sport of rowing SUP on the Hau river.We enjoyed the alluvial scent of the legendary Mekong River, breathe in the fresh, cool air, watching the smooth water flow and admire the beautiful Can Tho Bridge.