“Azure Pipelines” Workshop

What is the benefit of Azure Pipelines and why should software developers and product managers care about this?
1️⃣ Azure Pipelines is a part of Azure DevOps process developed by Microsoft, which supports software developers with continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).
2️⃣ With CI, developers can automate their build, test, and publish the test coverage with an accessible interface.
3️⃣ Azure Pipelines also provides a CD platform to release and deploy applications using Azure app service.

Why developers and product managers need the help of Azure Pipelines?
1️⃣ Applying Azure Pipeline can help the developing stage save a lot of time through version control and error detections.
2️⃣ Before releasing, the automate workflow of CI-CD helps to check if the application is malfunction, developer can fix it and push the new code again without harm to the production.
3️⃣ Besides, Azure Pipelines supports all major languages with a various amount  of extensions and library tasks.
4️⃣ With the integrated Git Repository of Azure DevOps, Azure Pipelines can maintain a full workflow environment from version control to build-test-deploy, which makes the developing lifecycle more efficient and consistent.

There are many benefits that Azure Pipelines bring, which is why we organized a workshop on this topic to facilitate knowledge sharing and networking among developers on August 24th in Can Tho.

We sincerely appreciate the participation of all the developers who joined us.

We would also like to extend our gratitude to Adam Furmańczuk for his valuable contributions and to our developers team for the preparation, creating an exciting environment for learning and exchanging ideas together.

We wish all of you success in your career journeys ahead and look forward to meeting you in future knowledge-sharing sessions!

agilino, 27-08-2023