“Generating Art with .NET & Stable Diffusion” Workshop

Sharing and learning together for continuous development
On July 27th, Agilino organized a vibrant workshop with the topic “Generating Art with .NET & Stable Diffusion” using two programming languages, C# and Python. The workshop lasted for 2 hours:
1️⃣ In the first 30 minutes, our programmers shared fundamental knowledge on the topic.
2️⃣ The following 45 minutes were set aside for the assignment that we had prepared for the participants.
3️⃣ The final 45 minutes were for sharing experiences, connecting, and answering relevant programming questions, all while enjoying drinks and snacks.

We thank all the participants for their enthusiastic engagement, which contributed to creating an exciting and useful learning environment. Additionally, Agilino would like to thank our team for preparations and valuable knowledge-sharing with the attendees.

With an eagerness to learn and a constant application of knowledge to life and work, we believe that each of us will continuously improve and achieve our goals.

Our aim is to bring practical value to the programming community in Can Tho city, Agilino will continue organizing meaningful workshops with new topics.

Let’s follow and join us to learn, discover new knowledge, and develop together!

agilino, 28-07-2023