Stand up paddle (SUP) boarding on Hau River

Our team-building activity with the extremely interesting outdoor sport of rowing SUP on the Hau river.We enjoyed the alluvial scent of the legendary Mekong River, breathe in the fresh, cool air, watching the smooth water flow and admire the beautiful Can Tho Bridge.

Sup paddle experienced the feeling of floating on the water, under the sunset on the Hau River of the Mekong Delta, our Agilino team had surfing on the water helps team members gain dexterity, concentration and body flexibility. Besides, it also helps to relax the mind and relieve stress after an extremely working days.

Agilino team near Au dune on the Hau river.

Resting moment under soft silk strip spanning over the Hau river which called Can Tho bridge.

On the isle canals under the Cork trees.

Beautiful sunset on the Hau river

agilino, 25-12-2022